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Czech women are certainly very beautiful; all men who visited the Czech Republic and were in closer contact with fair sex of this country claim that. Czech women could be divided into several categories according to some profiles from the psychological point of view. It is necessary to say that these profiles are not the decisive factors when choosing a Czech woman.

It is very troublesome to make some division of women, because every woman behaves in different manner in every situation and it depends on the situation that just comes. It is also important to mention that women differentiate accordingly to the corner of the country, they come from. Certain customs and traditions are pretty different for instance in Central Bohemian Region or in Moravia. Naturally, women have their typical characteristics there. And that is why it is good to prepare in advance for it and know how they will behave in all situations.

It is true that Czech brides from Prague and environs are used to a different living standard than women from villages that are a little bit aside from all events. The other interesting point is certainly the way of dressing and the physical culture. Many women take care of themselves and one cannot often recognize their real biological age. But on the other hand, some women have lack of taste to care for their clothes and themselves and moreover you can find Czech women whose appearance is rather neglected.

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Let´s try to depict Czech women in detail and create a sort of typology that will enable us to get to know Czech women. The Czech online dating will give us definitely very varied profiles. Nevertheless, why don´t we show like this how Czech women could really be in general. Don´t take into account some regional divergences and describe Czech women the way they are.

23. 03. 2011