True story about my love

Short story about my interview with my good friend:

„Oh, you told me now, Czech girls are the best, isnt´t it?“

„Yes, it is. I know a lot of Czech girls and women and each of them is beautiful. Really, trust me.“

How is it possible that you know it all? Where did you meet the girls?

„At first I registered myself on the web site“

„What? Who advised you? How did you think of that? Is it the dating web site?“

„Yes, it is. My friend Bobby adviced me. One year ago he married really cute woman from Czech Republic.“

„Oh really? They found each other thanks dating web site?“

„That´s it! And now I will try it too! There is a lot of registered Czech girls and slovakian women, so…“

„OK, man, good luck!“

What happened then?

That was my conversation with my friend Jack. Two months ago! I didn´t have a girl yet. I was single and it was a really sad period for me. But then I started to write with some girls from Central Europe. Everyone was nice, but one of them was like girl from my top secret dreams! Linda! Perfect name for perfect girl. At first we wrote emails, then we called each other. A week ago I met her personally. I made a trip to the Czech republic where she lives. Olomouc is so fantastic town full of beautiful historical buildings and full of pubs, where you can get the best czech beer! And Linda? She is so beautiful and smiling young girl.

I´m in love

I am in love, I know it, but... I feel it is just the kind of girl I am looking for. I believe she does not mind that I am from Spain and she is from the central Europe. She loves sea and sun and everything we have in Spain. So I thing it will be good partnership. Thanks Got I found the Czech girls website. It was the happiest day of my life. 

23. 01. 2018