Enjoy cross-country skiing in Giant Mountains

Giant Mountains belong to the best winter holiday destinations once you decide to go cross-country skiing even if it`s your honeymoon. There are many ski tracks that weave their ways through the snowy countryside and show skiers all the beauties of this region. On your trips you can refresh yourself with your partner in local chalets and huts that serve hot drinks as well as traditional Czech meals typical for mountain areas. And once you feel fresh and fit again, you can enjoy climbing high hills and then going down again.

All ski resorts offer the possibility to rent ski in local rentals and many hotels, such as Sporthotel Bohemia in Rokytnice nad Jizerou, are ready for that as well. Having mentioned accommodation Rokytnice, this town offers good value for money hotels, guesthouses and private accommodation. Warm and friendly atmosphere of these accommodation facilities will make your stay a pleasant experience and you will be happy to come back the following years as well. So check the websites and make your reservation as soon as possible.

After spending the whole day in white ski tracks, it`s worth it going to a swimming pool or pamper yourself in wellness centres. Hotels usually offer sauna, massage, whirlpool and a steam bath, where you can recover from a demanding physical activity and gain back all the lost energy. You can find all these treatments on the Internet or when you look up accommodation Giant Mountains.

To sum up, Giant Mountains are a good location for cross-country skiing and if you hesitate where to spend your holiday, try them. You won`t be disappointed.

15. 02. 2013