Czech Women Are Really Active

Czech girls as well as women are really active and love all kinds of activities, adventurous sports including. At the weekends they enjoy going to the countryside, making trips or doing various kinds of sports. The most popular sports in summer are cycling, rollerblading, running or Nordic walking. There are a lot of hills and mountains all around the country, so it's quite easy to reach them and spend an active weekend there.

Winter is popular with cross-country skiing or downhill skiing. In the Czech mountains one can often meet bunches of Slovakia or Polish women as well. A typical skiing day starts quite early and finishes with the last rides. Nevertheless, women take breaks for lunch or coffee and thus enjoy the atmosphere and fresh air on the slopes. Once a year they also go skiing abroad, mostly to Austria or Italy.

A lot of women also go to the gym regularly as they want to keep their body stretched and firm. Sometimes they even ask for a personal trainer, who helps them to keep fit faster and more effectively. Very popular are also classes of yoga, zumba, aerobics or dancing lessons. Another popular sports are swimming and spinning. Women also like watching sports events, so they can be good companions for a football or an ice-hockey match.

Meeting Czech girls and women doing sports is no surprise. So if men wish to get to know any, they should start to look at sports places. They can meet them in parks, fitness centres, ski tracks and other places. The alternative for men is to go to and browse the women's catalogue there.

24. 11. 2012