Close to dreams

Everyone around me gets married. My best friends, my sister and brother, all classmates. And every wedding day is beautiful. But for me it is just another reason to be unhappy and sad. Because I belong among single Slovakian women. I thing I am pretty handsome woman, I can do a many things, for example cook, take care of household, to look after the children of my best friends. I am patient, smiling. Of course I have poor properties, but everyone have it. I like shopping new clothes and everything about good look etc. But every women is like me, it is not it?

Partner from internet

A lot of people have found their partner on the internet. For example on There is a lot of people who try to find someone for them. A lot of Czech girlshave profile on this pages. And a lot of men from different European countries have their profile information there as well.  May be it is the way. Today is really hard to meet with your love normally. You know what I mean, right? I do not thing it is a dangerous way. But you should be cautious, you know? Be yourself, know everything about yourself and especially you should know, what you need. Then you can find your love on internet!

Close to dreams

My wedding day is only in my dream yet. But I know I will have beautiful white dress and I will have modern flower in my hand. My future husband will  have a shirt with little foxies from Exupéry´s Little Prince. And I will be happy, because the man of my life will be perfect! I know it will be so, because I believe it! Dreams are really important, because they give us hope. Now I am single, but in a year I can have wonderful man. Who now. May be I will meet him tomorrow, may be a week, month. In every time I should be prepare on it!

26. 06. 2018